Training – What’s Next?

Every year when we take our hiking trip I feel completely transformed again. It’s amazing what logging out and getting outside can do for you. Every year I also get away from the whole “fitness world” that consists of wanting to have six packs and ultra lean bodies and instead I actually USE my body. Before I left I deleted every single picture on my phone. I transferred them to my computer but they are no longer on my phone. It was very nerve-racking but also very liberating. Sure, I wanted to free up space on my phone to take pictures of our trip but I also used it a reason to start over in a way. As I’ve mentioned numerous times I’m completely turned off my A LOT of people in the fitness industry. So maybe I’m transitioning into inspiring people to get outside instead of getting a six pack?! There’s nothing wrong with a six pack when you obtain it a healthy way but there absolutely HAS to be another reason for getting into health and fitness. Every reason can NOT be based on looks or you will never stick with it. Mine is definitely being able to hike…challenging hikes! Think of your reasons – maybe it’s keeping up with your kids or running a mile. Whatever your reason is WRITE IT DOWN and put it where you can see it. Doesn’t being able to keep up and play with your kids sound like a better reason than to have shredded abs? I think so! Did I mention that I just bought 3 domain names for an idea I have up my sleeve? I’M SO EXCITED but this one will be a while down the road just because of the logistics but I can’t wait to share!

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IDEA World Fitness Convention Recap {Days 1 & 2}

Hopefully you saw my post on Day 3 of the IDEA World Fitness Convention (I went backwards)…but this is Day 1 & 2 so I guess you could go ahead and read this one first. :-)

Get ready for picture overload! Day 1 & 2 of the convention was BlogFest. This means that there were a lot of health and fitness bloggers in one room together listening to speakers on different topics that impact us: photography, legal, blog design, etc. We also had a few AMAZING workout sessions (one with Chalene Johnson) and EVEN MORE AMAZING guests (like Jillian Michaels). Anyway, I will just let the pictures tell the stories! Yes, Tiffany and I had matching shirts and yoga bags (that she made) – it was so cute. :-)

Day 1 started off with yoga at 7:15 that morning and then the kick-off event with Lorna Jane! After a few classes we had an amazing workout with Chalene Johnson and then some networking time!

Day 1 of BlogFest - We were pretty tired!

Day 1 of BlogFest – We were pretty tired!

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A Few Funny {Or Not So Funny} Running Stories!

Before my awful funny stories – did you catch the sample leg day we posted on A lot of people had been asking for a sample workout so we released one! It’s one of our most popular (and one of my favorites) leg day routines! Try it out and let us know what you think! Have I mentioned before that I love leg day? ;-)


Also, don’t miss out on the Transformation Tuesday picture we posted on He and She’s Instagram (@heandsheeatclean). It was from someone doing the She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder…you just have to see it for yourself and she has already decreased her mile time from 9:14 to 8:28!

Now onto the “I’m not a runner” stories…

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IDEA World Fitness Convention {Travel – Food – Day 3}

As you may already know, I booked a trip with Tiffany to the IDEA World Fitness Convention pretty last minute about a month ago. Tiffany had her trip planned for months but I held out because I wasn’t sure if I could go or not. Once I confirmed that this convention would count towards my CECs for my PT certification I pulled the trigger and said – let’s do it! So off to California we went! We attended the BlogFest for the first 2 days and then on Saturday we had the normal convention classes and events.

I have a lot of pictures to share so I’m going to break this into 2 posts but kind of go backwards and do the very beginning of our trip with the 3rd day of the convention first!

I’ll start off with the day we flew out – Wednesday (08/13). We flew into LAX and didn’t get to our hotel in Anaheim until about 10 PM. We quickly got situated and then went to bed since we had a yoga class starting at 7:15 AM the next morning (each day was basically from 7 AM – 7 PM). Our hotel was a little over a mile (each way) from the convention center so we had to account for that walk each day. It was actually kind of nice though because it allowed us to get some fresh air, stretch our legs, and talk to each other before the day officially started. Scott and I almost always book hotels about a mile away from the places we want to be so it forces us to walk. In Boone we are about 3 miles from the downtown area and we do walk there!

I’m going to basically tell our trip in pictures! I posted some of these on my Instagram (@carlsonwhitney) but wanted to document them here too!

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